27 September 2010

Helsinki Bike Counter

Helsinki Bike Counter Day
I just had a brilliant trip to Helsinki to give a keynote speech at the Megapolis festival, put on by the Dodo NGO. What a brilliant city and wonderful to see how much will there is in the city to improve conditions for the cycling citizens.
Helsinki Bike Counter Night
Until I wrap my head around the whirlwind trip and all the impressions, here's a couple of shots of a bike counter in the city. By day and by night on the same day.

I met with the city's bicyle planners and urban planners and the bicyce planners, Marek and Niko, told me of bicycle counts in the 1930's that showed 10,000 cyclists a day on some busy streets. Looking forward to seeing those vintage documents.

Bicycle Culture 2.0, indeed, for Helsinki... and everywhere else.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I was also heartened to read that no one is stealing the new London bikes, despite many people's dire predictions: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/meet-the-honest-london-cyclist--ndash-only-five-boris-bikes-stolen-2090419.html

Frits B said...

On a related note:

Dutch national newspaper NRC/Handelsblad offers a small corner on its backpage to a reader every day. Today’s instalment very aptly had the heading “meten=weten”, or counting counts.

Reader Michelle Hendriks writes:
“It’s the first autumnal Sunday morning of the year, and Delft [near The Hague] is covered in a thick fog. Despite the cold I decide to make my usual run. The streets are wonderfully quiet. The town aims to stimulate bicycling so has installed counters showing the number of cyclists passing by on a day. There is a group of small boys gathered around the counter I pass on my run. They all frantically jump up and down. As I come closer I see the numbers on the clock rapidly rising. Then there’s a loud cheer. On this drizzly Sunday morning, at a quarter to eleven, today’s 2,000th cyclist has passed the counter.”

Are you sure your Copenhagen numbers are accurate?