28 September 2010

Helsinki Pause: Slowing Down the City

Slow cities are something that we like here at Copenhagenize. While in Helsinki last weekend, speaking at the Megapolis2025 Festival, there were many events on the day. Including a little spot of slow on the square outside the venue. A girl arranged for a slowing down of the square, together with a group. They all started on the periphery and walked imperceptably across the square. I filmed some of it and the result is viewable above.

It was brilliant to watch. Most passersby hardly noticed them for most of their slow crossing. Only when there were several around the middle of the square did people glance at them and wonder what they were doing.

I love simple artistic activism.


Spip said...

Love the music.

Oh, Stockmanns, I remenber that, too

Anonymous said...

Hey! Great that lurking amidst the small bushes proved to be useful after all, the video is flántastic! Hope to see you again, Jaakko (from dodo)

Biking Bas said...

Brilliant. I can't explain why but I get emotional when I see and hear this. Thanks for this post