24 September 2010

Selling Bicycles With Johnny Loco

Johnny Loco 04
Dutch brand Johnny Loco seem to understand that tech-geek advertising for their products won't attract a mainstream clientele - the clientele that is the most lucrative, by the way. Their cheeky, picante and not a little bizarre marketing in these photos show that they understand how to create awareness around their brand and the are clearly aiming for Citizen Cyclists with their angle.
Johnny Loco 01 Johnny Loco 02

Johnny Loco 03

Johnny Loco 05


106193497484508739855 said...

I'm not an advertising guru by any means. I love these pictures, but I'm not clear on what benefits would accrue to me if I bought a Johnny Loco bicycle.

Marco te Brömmelstroet said...

you will then magically transfer to having a cool and adventurous lifestyle and be happy and trendy....

...please pay attention man....do you never watch car commercials, or what ;)?

Andrew Patrick said...

or does this sort of marketing relegate the bike to the halls of 'timely fashion accessory', as dispensable as the next season's must-haves? i really question whether this kind of advertising benefits bike culture in general--as being one that is inclusive and progressive--or if it reinforces the same types of mindless cultural shortcuts that got us here in the first place. bikes as masturbatory aids...

❦ me said...

These adverts look like every other advert I've seen in my 50 years on the planet.
Using a beautiful woman to pique the interest of a male's sexual appetite. Ho hum ... boring.
These look like clothing adverts.

If these models represent "Citizen Cyclists" then I guess I don't belong.
I'm not a tall, skinny, beautiful woman posing by my bike.
I'm an overweight, 50 year old woman who rides her bike to work, shopping, running errands, meeting up with friends etc.
This kind of advertising is so cliché.

Want to sell me your brand of bike? Show "real" people using it in everyday situations.
Fat, middle-aged people (who have money) ride bikes, too.
Show your bikes outside a grocery store, library, school, work, restaurant, on a bike path etc.
Show young, older, old, pretty, plain, slim and fat people. DARE TO BE INCLUSIVE OF EVERYONE!

Andrew Patrick says it much more succinctly than I can ... I agree with his comment.

Anonymous said...

Have a look to this. A new option for getting new people to bicycle lanes? Easy bicycles :)


Steven said...

Johnny Loco are pretty low quality bikes. Low quality bikes don't help the image of bikes in my opinion.

lagatta à montréal said...

The photography is beautiful, but I agree with some of the others that it is rather too slick; these are fantasy situations and do remind me far too much of car ads. I far prefer ads showing bicycles in real-life situations, yes of course the situations will always be idealised in publicity, but they should bear some relation to reality.

lagatta à montréal said...

I know the medium and the "product" promoted in the "This is Amsterdam, and this is my bike" video are very different from the Johny Loco campaign, but I far prefer the former:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOkqTDdtlc4 It does have style, and no shortage of eye candy (lagatta swoons over the young brunet classical musician, though she could be his mum and is really not into being a "cougar") but there are all kinds and ages of people cycling. The video does have a lot of style though, especially through the montage and the rhymes (in Dutch and some répliques in other languages).

Hope "me" likes it...

Anonymous said...

I think that the Serengeti is not the natural home of your so-called Citizen Cyclist, who apparently knows no better than to bother wasps in denim cut-offs, or to have a pose-striking daydream while a lion draws near. Discarding all your water in the desert suggests that the cyclist has strayed too far from devil-may-care and ended up in dumb-as-soup.

Clearly a bike for aristocratic, short-lived dimwits.