03 September 2010

Textbook Bicycle Marketing from Netherlands

Sparta Bicycle Advert
We're loving this photograph. It's from a Dutch advert for the bike brand Sparta. THIS is how to sell bicycles to Citizen Cyclists. Thanks to Will for the heads up.
Sparta Bicycle Advert
The text on the advert, roughly translated by Will, reads:
You want a bike that fits your lifestyle. Which is why we make bikes with something extra. Like the pickup. An old style Dutch delivery bike with a modern twist. With a unique and distinctive double top tube for support. Also available in several retro colors. Something Special, we call it. Go for the specials list for more information.

Sparta Bicycle Advert
And it gets even better! This Sparta advert spells it out in no uncertain terms. This bike will suit you. Urban living. The preferred transport for well-dressed businessmen. Brilliant marketing and Ultimate Cycle Chic. Hats off to de Fietsensmakers and Sparta.
Sparta Bicycle Advert
The advert is from de Fietsenmakers, a bike shop chain in the Netherlands. If you buy this bicycle, you get a 'matching' Morgan Stanley suit - with a value of €389 - free!

Trendy Sparta Summer City Bike
Sparta specially designed this bike for this offer. A true summer bike in cool matte blue. A solidly built model with leather saddle and leather grips, 7-speeds, coaster brake, retro front rack and large puncture-proof tires. Helping you stand out!

A stylish suit fits a trendy bike. Only at de Fietsenmakers - when you buy a unique Sparta Sommer for €799 you get a luxury Morgan Stanley suit with shirt and tie from the 2010 collection, worth €389. This offer runs until September 30, 2010...


Klaus Mohn said...

I don't know the brand Stanely Morgan, but I'm pretty sure they have nothing to do with Morgan Stanley :p

timoti said...

After all kinds of bicycles in my life and other modes of transport, getting a 30 year old Sparta to trundle around Auckland Central on has bought me the most happiness

Frits B said...

The suit "brand" is Stanley Morgan (see the advert). No relation at all to finance moguls Morgan Stanley but definitely counting on confusion like the one we see here.

The offer is a cooperation between a chain of bicycle shops in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, and a small chain of clothes shops also in that region. Let's say it won't draw customers from the Amsterdam-Utrecht-Rotterdam-The Hague region (Randstad).

As for the figures: the same bike without the suit will cost you 649 euro, with the suit 799 euro. For that money you get an aluminum bike with just one brake (backpedal) and battery lights. Brilliant advertising maybe, but I really would go for a better bike instead.

Coyot said...

Someone lend me $ 799

Anonymous said...

I just bought a Sparta Pick-up 7 in Amsterdam this summer and brought it back to the U.S. Nice bike but a bit heavy for even the small hills where I live. But on a positive note, my thighs will look like Arnold's soon.

Green Idea Factory said...

These ads are lovely and encouraging BUT:

Double top tubes are not unique to Sparta bikes (unless they are talking about this lugless, slippery look).

I would be happy to carry a heavy sink on a bike made by friends at Workcycles with a frame-mounted (downtube) rack (see also here), or even better this one, but not with something which will grossly affect the steering (it attaches to handlebar and fork) as with this example from Sparta.

Anonymous said...

Workcycles are very nice....and very, very expensive. Which is why they mostly sell to foreigners who choose their bike based on the status is will convey rather than value.