16 September 2010


The transformation from car-clogged city centres to Liveable Cities for people. A great, simple little film about the Dutch city of 's-Hertogenbosch using vintage photos morphed into modern footage.


Richard Tulloch said...

Great idea for a post! I live in Amsterdam past of the year, so a trip to Den Bosch is overdue. Meanwhile I'm in Sydney, where cycling infrastructure still has a way to go...but we're getting there.


Keep up the great site!

Mark said...

Every urban planner who fears what the consequences of excluding cars might be should be made to see this video - regardless of whether you think cars are a bad thing or not the more appealing of the two environments is self-evident. More please!

Frits B said...

We could use a few of those pyramids here in Assen to block cycle paths used to circumvent one-way streets (I had seen the video before but only now registered how the pyramids work).

There was an interesting item on regional TV here about the growing number of utility bikes with wide tyres and big racks & baskets. These apparently take up too much room in bicycle parkings so the powers that be would much prefer them to be parked somewhere else. This is in Groningen (lots of students, so lots of bikes and an enormous bike parking right in front of the train station):
In Dutch but I think the message is clear enough.