06 October 2010

Bicycles and Wine - 2gether 4ever!

This just in from Hamel Family Wines in Sonoma, USA. How to use a bicycle pump to open a bottle of wine. THIS is what the world needs. Forget the techgeek overcomplication of cycling. THIS is what it's all about. And it reminds me of this. Which is why, as a resident of Copenhagen, I like it. Simplicity.


Kim said...

I think they must have gotten the idea from Glasgow.

l' homme au velo said...

Great Idea,now must buy a Stand Pump in Order to get Cork out of Bottle of Wine. The Elastic Band on the Pedal is great,I was in the same Position in the Rain and my Foot kept slipping on the Pedal. Must also bring plenty of Elastic Bands together with Stand Pump, Vorsprung Durch Technic Progress through Technology.

Grand Vizier said...

i dont understand what holds the valve thingy on the top of the bottle, and how it gets the air past the cork. Is this some kind of crazy american pump im not familiar with?