22 October 2010

Citröen Uses Bikes to Sell Cars

So here's the Citröen advert we blogged about a while back when they were filming it in Copenhagen - The Car Industry Strikes Back - This Time With a New Angle.

Firstly, you don't see people on bicycles with Asian-style kleenex masks on their face, but hey.

After all the recent adverts from the car industry going after bicycles in their marketing - seeing them as competitors - this is a new angle.

It's cheesy, sure. People sucking in great lungfuls of clean air, revelling in the pure goodness of the Citröen. Embracing each other as they marvel at the car. Sheesh.

Let's just say it's refreshing not to be under attack from the car industry and be pleased that none of the cyclists hopped off their bike and into a car. At the end of the day the advert is quite positive. They're trying to show and tell that this car will - apparently - make the air in our cities cleaner and that is something that the people on bicycles (and everyone else) will benefit from.


Anonymous said...

Those cyclists were as fast as the Citron, from lights to lights, so what for a car?

Anonymous said...

I've seen worse things - definitely.

Anonymous said...

@what for the car:

obviously he is transporting lots of heavy things and also lots of people in his car - right? (since that's the reason, we're always told, why people MUST - reluctantly - use their cars)

Klaus Mohn said...

They may be citizen cyclists, but they're only riding for leisure - surely one cannot ride a bike to go places! Only to revel in the Citroën's slightly-less-deadly emissions.

I jest. I've seen more hostile ads. It's good to see normal cyclists on teevee (in France, yay). But... forgetting about the representation of cyclists, I also don't think it's a very good ad? Like it's not that funny or persuasive or relevant. I don't care all that much, and I don't know who would.

Anonymous said...

"Making the air cleaner" - as if! Val

Ryan said...

So the bikes can keep pace with the car? Hmm, think I'll save myself a few thousand dollars and get a bike.

At 0:20, those two kids look miserable. With any picture or video I've seen of kids in Europe riding like that, they seem to always have a big smile on their face.

Still quite tame compared to other ones I've seen in the past...I do like the music in this one.

Green Idea Factory said...

Mikael, have you actually fallen for the "car that makes the air cleaner" hocus pocus? Of course they are going to obscure their anti-cyclist hostility a little if they are doing this in Copenhagen.

Anonymous said...

Irritating greenwash, as usual, and quite illustrative of a not very imaginative trend. Another manufacturer already associated bikes and motorised tin boxes in a campaign from 2008. This manufacturer simultaneously puts forward in countless other ads the plain brawns of their makes.

Note how poorly attached these bicycles are. All are held only by the front wheel rather than at their frame, even though the supports are of a type nearly like a "Kreuzberger Bügel" (a horizontal bar at mid-level is lacking). The locks are all except one of the flimsy 5-Euro type which you can practically take with kitchen scissors. And of course, the car is parked on the sidewalk, something which is apparently for Germans an intrinsic and self-evident human right.

The blurb praises the "environmental friendliness" of the company's models. Truth is, their mean consumption has hardly decreased in the last 40 years (thanks to increasingly luxurious, powerful, and heavy designs). The industry keeps on fighting tooth and nail against any governmental measure which might force them to do any better. The resulting policy was delivered by Mrs. Merkel at the Copenhagen conference in 2009, and is there for all to see.

Green Idea Factory said...

Anonymous: Yes, I saw that advertising campaign in a really interesting location.

From Public Transport: Self-Harming Adverts.

Anonymous said...

I think most people (including Mikael who seems to have fallen for the sirens of the advertising agency) have not understood what the signature comment says : "does not pollute when stopped".

The word "à l'arrêt" ("when stopped") is barely audible. So what is implied here is that this car does not pollute at all.

This a gasoline-powered hybrid, not an electric car. Just like Honda's which are dropping it gradually : too expensive at purchase ; )

Screw Citroen : cars kill, stink and pollute.
Les chars, ça tue, ça pue, ça pollue.