01 October 2010

Copenhagen - We Love Bikes

By a strange coincedence, an hour or so after I posted the cool video from Amsterdam Palle from Copenhagen's tourism office VisitCopenhagen sent me the link to their new promotional video - We Love Bikes.

Copenhagen and environs are hosting the Road World Championships 2011 and this video is a promo for that event and the City of Cyclists in general.

And hey! I'm even in it, I just discovered. At 2:32 I'm the cameo guy giving Hans from Larry vs Harry five at the Danish Cargo Bike Championships.


Clarence Eckerson said...

I love this video so, so much I can't stop watching. I thought it ironic that I was at three of the events they filmed this past summer.

Yeah, I was gonna say NICE HIGH FIVE. But saw you posted that.

greggy said...

I love the video, the music ,and the city, but don't love the less than subtle way that the more recent video's and still pictures "Visit Copenhagen" have used lately to Push bicycle helmets! The only thing they will do is spoil what you have and drive a certain percentage of bicycle users away!It was 41% here in Australia!
Let people "chose" to wear helmets if they want! Don't spoil The wonderful thing you have!