29 October 2010

The Human Bicycle Celebration

FC Stjarnan is an Icelandic football club from Garðabær and they have become youtubey famous for their creative (and time-consuming) celebrations when scoring goals. Above is the human bicycle.

Here's a compilation of their best goal celebrations.


João Lacerda said...


In case you haven´t watched it already, there is the brazilian song "Bicicleta Humana" or Human Bicycle. And I do believe it is older than the football player´s celebration

João Lacerda said...

Forgot the link:


João Lacerda said...

Posted and edited version of the video...

Now the original one...


Kat said...

No way! Amazing! That's been our signature move for years, had no idea it was happening around the world! What a beautiful thing!
Where are their wheels though?

Here's one of ours:

Today we're attempting our first moving human bicycle, with pyrotechnics, whist dressed as zombies!