07 October 2010

Los Angeles & CicLAvia

LA Tweed Ride
In a few days Los Angeles will be experiencing the first CicLAvia bike ride, modelled on the popular car-free Ciclovia bicycle days in Bogota and Mexico City, among other places. It's on Sunday - 10.10.2010 and you can read about it here.

There was a time when bicycles were a regular feature on the urban landscape in L.A.. At the turn of the last century 20% of all trips in the city were by bicycle.

This is a great quote from a 1897 newspaper article:
"There is no part of the world where cycling is in greater favor than in Southern California, and nowhere on the American continent are conditions so favorable the year round for wheeling."

I included the quote in an article I wrote in the L.A. Times' Bottleneck Blog a couple of years ago. Also mentioning the fantastic separated infrastructure built to connect Pasadena with L.A. - the Arroyo Seca Cycleway.

Have a great ride, Los Angeles!


Andy Wong said...

That's great you gave a shout out Mikael. We had talked about it when we met in front of Larry vs. Harry on my visit to CPH. We're slowly but surely moving in the right direction in LA!

Evan said...

Yes, I can't wait!

Nitpick: It's Arroyo Seco, not "Seca."

Joseph Eisenberg said...

Photos from CicLAvia:



It was great, and very crowded. There were over 700 bikes in 15 minutes (2800 bikes per hour) past one point at 12:30, according to some volunteers who were counting.

We need to do this at least once a month, and increase the route.

Jody Brooks said...
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Jody Brooks said...

The quote from 1897 is great perspective. Particularly in light of recent trends.

While attending CicLAvia, I sampled the LA Metro, Metrolink, bus, and bike events. I was blown away at the quality of the facilities and the level of adoption (despite popular belief). There's some serious change happening there with regard to alternative transporation.

I profiled my experience here (lots of pics):