22 October 2010

UCI World Championship Road Race in Copenhagen

Not everyday you'll see lycra on this blog but here's a promo film about next year's UCI World Championship Road Race.

The time trial is going be a hoot. Because this is a high profile event, the city of Copenhagen is going to be highjacked by the race. Which is cool. The start and finish line will be on Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard right next to city hall and the route will cover most of the city centre and some suburbs.

The road race will have a start and finish on Geels Hill in the municipality of Rudersdal. According to the head of the Danish Cyclists Union, former racing cyclist Jesper Worre;

"We have created an interesting and demanding circuit going up Geels Hill. With no less than 20 laps of 14 km, we are convinced that it will be a very tuff and varied World Championship in Denmark 2011".

Some good climbs in the hills to the north of the city and a beautiful scenic area.

Looking forward to the time trial more than anything though. Right in the heart of the city.



Amsterdamize said...

ha! didn't we go up that hill back in 2008? Or was that yet another one? ;)

Sigrid said...

not to objectify, but there is nothing more attractive than a fit man dressed either in a three piece suite or in team lycra head to toe ~ both say a lot about who he is. Love the contrast of the man riding through the city with all of the 'normal' people riding to and fro.

Kim said...

What this Lycra and lids, citizen cyclist greyed out! Mikael, your going soft... ;-)

kfg said...

"not to objectify"

For what it's worth, I do not consider myself some sort of pure, supernatural energy being. YMMV, of course. What's more, if I were I don't think I'd have much use for a bicycle, and I like bicycles. I'll deal with being an object, so long as that object isn't a fish.

I wear a suit well. I wear lycra well as well. Feel free to consider me attractive all you want without feeling obligated to preface with a political correctness disclaimer (which I find unattractive); bearing in mind that most days I'm more likely to look like a reject from Breaker Morant or The Man from Snowy River, which isn't to everyone's taste - but then, what is?