23 November 2010

Budapest Bike Counter 100,000th Cyclist

Just got a mail from János László, president of the Hungarian Cyclist's Federation about a milestone reached yesterday in Budapest.

Five months ago they installed a bike counter on one of the streets. Yesterday, they reached the 100,000th cyclist. In the rain, too! Wonderful.

Here's a film of the moment. Our Hungarian friends are, understandably, very excited about this. And well they should be. Congratulations! Aron from Hungary Cycle Chic made the film.

Budapest is an inspiration to other cities just starting down the road to reestablising the bicycle on the urban landscape. Out of nowhere they now have about 5% modal share and they have an amazing group of people working hard at branding the bicycle as transport for Citizen Cyclists.

Check this tag for more inspiration from Budapest.


hf said...

Thanks for posting it!
And congratulations to us :))

Feri from Budapest

Joe D said...

they'll be in trouble when they reach 999,999 -- they'll need to buy a bigger sign ;)

shuichi said...

I am interested in bicycle environment in Europe lately. So lemme comment a little as a European beginner if I can. How amazing, in Hungary? A friend of mine explained to me that there were a few people to ride bike for daily transportation. Is this a brave challenge? Anyway, congratulations^^.

budapester said...

We have an other "human counter" crew, in Budapest. :)
Four activists count cyclists during a traffic light period (in same time, in same intersections, on every workdays morning). It takes only 90 seconds, and we have a simply stat, in a google doc:

virag said...

See the charts aswell:

Numbers from the counter in July, August and September

Hungarian Cyclists Club
-project manager for bike counter-