22 November 2010

Copenhagen Cycling in the Snow

Here's one of five short films we produced for the City of Copenhagen about a cycling life in Copenhagen. This one is about cycling in the winter. They're all short and sweet so City employees can show them at conferences or whatnot.

We've had this season's first snowfall and there's more forecast for this week so why not kickstart the season with some fine how-to films from the Danish capital.

Here's a film we made back in January - more of a music video length - which hammers home the fact that the bicycles keep on rolling through sleet and snow in Copenhagen.

80% of Copenhageners continue to ride through the winter.
Nørrebrogade Afternoon


hamburgize.com said...

Hey Mikael,

on Wednesday cold weather should reach Hamburg. Nice clean cycle tracks like you know from Copenhagen will be unreachable this winter season for Hamburg cyclists. But what about christmas markets: Does Copenhagen celebrate christmas markets on cycle tracks for the next weeks until christmas eve?? Or does Copenhagen keep clear every cycle track for cycle traffic?

Here some new Copenhagen picture on hamburgize:


Tucker said...

great videos. we might have a little snow here tonight, but I doubt many will be out on bikes. we're not quite that used to the white stuff reaching the valley floor.

Paul Jackson said...

Living in Canberra, the old-timers talk about snow in winter, but I've never seen it here. I miss the heavy snows of winter in Ottawa (though I doubt the bicycle infrastructure there is up to keeping the paths clear like they do in Copenhagen!) BTW, what was the music used in the longer video? It made my heart soar!

Michael said...

I would love to say that is very cool, but that would seem to suggest that something extaordinary or unusual is going on, and I know that is not the case, that riding through the winter snows are an everyday occurrence. Now the videos are very cool, especially the second one. And so are those little snow plows; it looked like they are specifically for the bike lanes?

Anonymous said...

I usually draw the line for riding some where around -25 C (with windchill factored in)). It's -29 right now with a windchill of -39, heck when I got up the windchill was -41... my car won't start and as I sit here waiting for the block heater to work it's magic I am seriously considering riding this morning... Canada Olympic Park is closed due to extreme cold.

Hamburg I just checked your forecast and the worst day in the next five is -5 C....

must be nice!!

Alex Reed said...

I'm in Portland, and winter weather just hit us too. It's actually pretty rare here, so I wasn't prepared. I've started keeping my bike outside overnight, inspired by Copenhagenize, and the locks froze. Anybody have tips for thawing them / keeping them from freezing the next time?

William said...

@Hamburgize - The christmas markets are not as nice and large in Copenhagen as they are in Germany (There are actually tourbuses from copenhagen to different German town, just for the Christmas markets).
As such, there's no conflict between traffic and christmas markets.

@Alex Reed: Thawing the locks can be done with a defrost-spray (oil-alcohol mix) or by taking it inside. The lock will only freeze if there's moisture inside it, so by oiling it, you should be able to eliminate the water. This might need to be done to cables as well.

Pete from Baltimore said...

First of all ,since this is my first comment here, i want to say that i have followed and enjoyed your blog for a year now.Thank you for your great posts and photos.

I would add a word of caution to those who want to bike during snow. Salt, that the Public Works departments lay spread on the roads, is horrible for your gears .and since the salt gets mixed in with snow, it sticks to your gears. I damaged a bike this way once.

I have no car and ride my bike around Baltimore to different construction sites[i work as a laborer].But when it snows i take the bus or walk.

Not only am i trying to avoid the salt, im also wary of riding on the roads when they are slippery and when the roads are only a snowplows length wide.

In Madison WI , they apparently DO ride in the snow.I saw bike snow tire chains for sale at a bike shop there.But they have the benefit of great bike paths and lanes[unlike Baltimore]

Best regards to you Sir.And thank you once again for all of your posts