18 November 2010

Copenhagenize Goes to Rome

Multi-tasking Biker in Rome
I'm heading to Rome next week to speak at a conference hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy and the City of Rome.

If any of our Italian readers are in the neighbourhood, here are the details about the conference and how to register if you want to attend. It's in Italian. Here's the Danish version.

It would be great to see readers at the gig.

The conference is in association with the long-running exhibition; Dreams on Wheels - Danish Cycling Culture for Urban Sustainability.


shuichi said...

Wow, the festival/conference of bicycle culture of Denmark in Rome! It sounds great. Have a nice picture too.

Lorenzo "joecondo" Dina said...

Hi, I'll be there. Some part of the cycling comunity of Rome is disappointed about some names partecipating to the conference because the promised many things without any result.
I hope you'll spend some days in Rome and we will be happy to show you some great and bad things about cycling in Rome. The 26 we will have the monthly meeting for Critical Mass and I'll be glad if you like to have a tour with us.

Danilo said...

sono molto curioso che cosa dira' l'assessore Fabio De Lillo al convegno
"....ehm... qui a Roma ci stiamo roganizzando un attimino...pero' tra 20 anni anche Roma avra' qualche centinaio di metri di piste ciclabili in piu'...ahaahhahh

Anonymous said...

.... the community of urban cyclists in Rome are happy for your presence here in Rome ....
but personally I hope there are many urban cyclists who will surely be present inside and outside the rally to protest and challenge the authority of the commune of Rome, which are only promises and do not want to encourage the expansion of mobility 'cycle
Danilo canforak

ceska said...

Here in Rome there are many people cycling eveyday despite:
- homicidal habits of roman drivers,
- poorly maintained path,
- municipal administrators unable...
Despite all these things, we still ride the streets on our bikes.
So welcome to Rome and have a nice stay.
Mamaa - a roman ciclomobilista

Spicca said...

I hope this conference will change the bad situation of roman bike . IMHO I don't think this will happen anyway good luck !


Hungry roman commuter biker

Bikediablo said...

Hello, we are very glad of your visit in Rome.

But you must look at real Rome Cycling Path situation.
see it at http://ciclabiliaroma.blogspot.com.

another roman ciclomobilista

Mikael said...

great to hear from you all! thanks for the input. we'll see what we can do at the conference!

Danilo said...


Giovanni said...

Glad to have you at this event. We have so many tihgs to learn. In Italy bycicle is meant for fun or sport, not like transportation vehicle. And we are always trying to be cool, glancing and well dressed. In southern cities, sweat is a sign of poor economic condition, and this is our worst nightmare (because until some years ago, we were really poor...). In many families there is still a bad habit to give, like present for 14 years, a scooter and for 18 years, a car. So, many young people grow up thinking about car/motor vehicle like the lonely mean to move.


Jon R. said...

I just returned from Rome and Florence, and there are disappointingly few cyclists on the roads in Rome. And the drivers are definitely a bit murderous towards everything and anyone.

In the quieter areas of Trastevere, and on smaller roads in Ostiense there were lots of cyclists, but not too much in the city center. You really have to clear your own path and defend it vigorously. I was dissuaded by several Romans, telling me that I would be killed by a scooter or a taxi.

Florence was much more bike friendly to my eyes. The streets were a little narrower, which helped somewhat, but really, the city just wasn't as packed with cars, taxis, and scooters. I saw far more people using bikes as transportation, especially for shopping. Just wheeled it right up to the curb, flipped out the kickstand, and walked right in.

Have a good time in Rome, and I know you'll get a lot accomplished!