30 November 2010

Messages Getting Around

Copenhagen postman, doin' his thang. Rain or shine. Snow or sleet. The packages, letters and messages get out.

Just spent a brilliant day at the Copenhagen version of the TED.com talks - TEDx Copenhagen. What a wonderful experience. Great speakers and an information overload - in the positive sense. I was privileged to be invited to speak and I tackled the subject of The Culture of Fear relating to fear campaigns and helmet promotion.

Thanks to TED x Copenhagen for an enriching, fruitful day.


Tucker said...

nice talk. thanks.

Chris said...

Good to hear some commonsense being talked for once. The frustration of listening to and being at the mercy of corporate/government ill-informed self-serving bullshit gets too much sometimes!

Esben Hansen said...

love Tedx - just started here in Amsterdam as well. Thanks for the fear and cycling talk, the safest nation to cycle in Holland (least fatalities per km *) has helmet usage at 1%. safety is a multi-faceted item, mandatory helmets is just putting the fear that cycling is a dangerous activity while clearly it is not when you take a multi-dimensional approach to cycling safety.

* http://www.policy.rutgers.edu/faculty/pucher/Irresistible.pdf

kfg said...

Added to my favorite Ted Talks list.