11 November 2010

Why Cycling (sometimes) Beats Public Transport

Bus Advert
I love public transport. The idea of it. I will take a train or a metro happily but personally I'm not fond of busses. It's just me. Fortunately the nature of bus advertising in Copenhagen is such that I prefer to be on a bicycle behind or alongside the bus...
No. They Don't.
Perhaps bus companies should put these kinds of ads inside the busses in order to attract customers.
Danish Advert

New Breasts, New Price
Text: 'new breasts. new price'
Contemplating Soup
And reserve the space for adverts outside the busses for... peas and stuff.


l' homme au velo said...

No you dont want these Adverts on the insides of Busses then you would not see them on your Bike Cycling along.

This would encourage you to stop Cycling altogether and take public Transport,so it would be a bad idea.

We had a lot of this type of Advert in Dublin for a few Years up to recently,I think they are still putting them on the sides of Busses.

They had them on the Arches of Railway Bridges as well.

There was complaints that they were a dangerous distraction for Motorists ,they might cause Crashes because the Motorists were looking at them and not where they were going.

Alexa said...

How about some hot men on the busses? Not all who cycle are excited by half-clothed women. And some women are put off by the standards their bodies are held to.

And while we're at it, how about some well-dressed men in the Cycle Chic posts?

Anonymous said...

Well said Alexa. hear hear!

kfg said...

". . .personally I'm not fond of busses. It's just me."

No, it's not.

". . .some women are put off by the standards their bodies are held to."

Although it's only fair to note that there is a considerable amount of selection bias at work here.

"How about some hot men on the busses?"

And perhaps a certain amount of double think as well.

lagatta à montréal said...

Leaving the ads aside - why don't there seem to be any tramlines in Copenhagen? Much as I love the bicycles on Mikael's two sites, I was disappointed to see such a reliance on buses in such a modern, forward-looking city.

Were there trams in past decades in Copenhagen? Are there any plans to introduce them, or bring them back? I don't like buses either; they make me a bit carsick; I can't read on them.

As for the ads, I tend to agree with Alexa, though there are hot men at Copenhagen Cycle Chic - The Sartorialist also has some great ones. I don't think falling back on the use of naked women for products unrelated to lingerie or personal care is proof of creativity - it is rather clichéed. And some men do like to look at naked men!

kfg said...

Tram lines create their own problems, particularly for cyclists (and yeah, those automobile things, but they're just a passing fad). That's why in the 50s and 60s we knew that the cities we're living in today would have raised monorail systems.

Instead we got more crappier buses. It's the quick and easy solution for immediate needs without running the risk of a very costly mistake. They make very little sense for intercity travel though, where light rail wins on almost every parameter, especially with today's computer controls. If the Swiss do not cycle quite as much as the Danes it isn't because of the hills, it's because of their absolutely fantabulous rail system (which admittedly exists, at least in part, due to the hills).

Of course buses create problems for cyclists as well. They're natural enemies if not separated, running, as they do, at about the same average speed, but out of phase.

And am I the only one willing to stand up for the sensibilities of peas and broccoli?

Alisdair said...

While this blog sort of misses my point, I recently wrote a blog on various forms of transport and the bike does well.

See here

I guess it depends on the city, we have different adds on our public transport, too bad it all costs so much.

William said...

Iagatta à Montréal:
There used to be tramlines - here and there the rails peek out from under the pavement, but they stopped running many years ago.
There are some very vocal, but very small groups, who advocate the return of the tram, but for now, buses only.

I tend to agree with KFG, who says that wrongly implemented tram lines are a costly mistake, and copenhagen /is/ a growing city. I always saw tramlines as something that would "lock" the size of the city.
We do have very good railroads, though, both inter- and intra-city.
Check the denseness of stations out on google maps.

Anonymous said...

Uh, if you're a sexist man. WTF? This is sexploitation of the worst kind. Is this the standard in DK? Gross. This does not promote cycling. This promotes porn.

Alisdair said...

Perhaps sexist lesbians too? Or even sexist bisexuals?

Does it mean that Alexa is sexist too? I think she is just fighting for fairness on the other side.

kfg said...

". . .fighting for fairness on the other side."

Ironically, that is the overt purpose of Mikael's sites.

Fairness does not come from expecting others to express your biases.