21 December 2010

Aarhus Train Station Bike Racks

Aarhus Bike Parking
Thanks to Claus for these photos of some of the bike parking facilities at Aarhus Train Station. Aarhus is Denmark's second largest city.

Aarhus Bike Parking
Tourists are always amazed at these double decker racks. "How do you get the bikes UP there?!!?"

Well... we just lift them.
Aarhus Bike Parking


Drew Lawrence said...

Damn I miss this place. I studied abroad in Aarhus in 2007 and I'm dying to go back. Thanks for posting these!

Aaron Bialick said...

Drew -

I studied there too this past Spring semester! Where are you from?

amoeba said...

Regarding cycling, I wish the UK were more like Germany, Denmark or the Netherlands. We Brits are so arrogant. We think that we know better than those 'foreigners', meanwhile we emulate the Americans in the worst possible ways. I believe we are winning the obesity race in Europe.

EU obesity rates

Romania 7.9%
Norway 10%
Sweden 10.2%
Netherlands 11.1%
France 11.2%
Denmark 11.4%
Belgium 13.8%

EU average 15.5%

Finland 15.7%
Greece 18.1%
Luxembourg 20.0%
Ireland 23.0%
UK 24.5% - We win!!!!

Page 73, Health at a Glance: Europe 2010

At least we are good at something. :o(

Kim said...

When I see pictures of these masses of parked bicycle, I always wonder how do you find you bike again...

Anonymous said...

As a native Copehagener I too wonder how on earth people get their bikes up there - but I guess I'm just not tall enough :-)

Son of Shaft said...

In the Netherlans those stacked bikeracks usually have some form of laverage. That way it's easier for people with less physical strength.


Anonymous said...

The new racks at London Waterloo station are similar to these.

Drew said...

We need more cyclists carrying these cards http://www.petermiller.info/yellowcard.html

Gary said...

I cycle to one of the train stations on the Gold Coast in Australia. Although we have car parking for 450 cars, there are only 20 secure bike lockers. The really sad thing is that while the carparks are full only about 5 of us cycle to the station & the lockers are mainly empty. This morning was about 25 Deg C & blue sky's - perfect cycling weather - and Mine was one of 3 bike there.

I can only dream of a Copenhagen-like cycling culture in this country, so please keep the photo's coming!

Anonymous said...

this is the secret :)

pedalpusher said...

Some of the racks here are horrendous. Seems that they are designed for 20" kids bikes to lock up the front wheel with a thin cable .

The best I've seen are in Manhatten (NYC)created by David Byrne: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brCk1-AVvRk

PS: Don't hate us for our expensive styrofoam headbuckets! :)

Drew Lawrence said...

@Aaron- Hanover, Pennsylvania. I went to school at Shippensburg Uni in PA, and currently reside in Alexandria, VA. What about you? I went to Aarhus School of Business right when it was in the process of joining Aarhus Uni.

I have to go back.

Anonymous said...

Notice theres's a wooden floor approx 20 cm above ground level to make it easier to reach the bikes in the top rack. The lower bikes parked belov the wooden floor level.