08 December 2010

Back and Forth

Dronning Louises Bridge 018
A shot from a week or so ago. Mid-afternoon. Waiting for the light to change.
Dronning Louises Bridge 031


dominic said...

We have heard there has been much snow in Europe and loads of delays for people. Appears that people are biking just the same. Bike culture even in Minneapolis Minnesota stays active during the winter. There are scattered sightings of the few thousand that ride all year long. I don't know if its ok to send a link to my blog that I just started and if its not ok don't publish this so here goes. Check out some of the pictures from New Orleans as well. domotion2011@wordpress.com

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the hoards of people on bikes and in the snow all the better! Thank you!

Jim Moore said...

No. That's quite enough photos of people cycling in the snow. They're making me want to travel from Australia to Europe for your winter just to see and experience it! And if I even suggest that to my wife, who abhors the cold - and I'm talking anything below 20 degrees celsius - or my son, who already thinks I'm crazy because I ride to work most days, *and* on a girl's bike, they would have me committed. So stop it now. Or else send me a plane ticket to Copenhagen today...please!!!