24 December 2012

Copenhagen Christmas Tree Transport by Bike

Heidis Christmas Tree_2
Update: 18 Dec 2013
Lulu and I were on the spot when one of her teachers, Heidi, was buying her tree and taking it home. She borrowed one of the many bike trailers at the school to do so.
Heidis Christmas Tree_3
Standing nice and tall in the Copenhagen evening.

Christmas Tree Transport_1
Typical. Write a blog post and then two bikes with christmas trees roll past your window. So here's an update.

Above: Sorte Jernhest cargo bike, complete with tree and kid wearing an elf hat heading home in the evening. Fantastic.

Christmas Tree Transport
This lady rolled past my window pulling her tree on a trailer.

Christmas Tree Bicycle 03
Getting close to Jul here in Copenhagen. Christmas tree sellers are occupying squares all around the city. Many people use their bicycles to get the tree home.

Here's a collection of the shots we have of people moving their trees home by bike.

This lady had just bought a jule tree and the seller was helping her strap it to her bicycle. It took some work and discussion but they finally succeeded. She didn't have far to go, so she walked her bike with the tree attached.
Christmas Tree Bicycle

Christmas Tree Bicycle 02

Christmas Tree Bicycle 04

Here are some more photos from the archives:
Copenhagen Yule
This gent was followed by two kids and his wife on bikes behind him on the cycle track. Heading home with the family tree.

Juletree - Copenhagen Yule
You don't see many bicycle trailers in Copenhagen, but sometimes they do come in handy.

Long John Christmas Tradition in Copenhagen
Here's me and the kids a couple of years ago when we had a Longjohn to get around.

Felix and the Tree
It was a squeeze, but the kids love a squeeze. They had a ball.

Christmas Tree Transport
Smaller trees need no more than a bicycle to transport them.

Christmas Tree Transport

Evergreen - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen

Copenhagen December 2013 Christmas Tree

Amsterdam Christmas
Amsterdam. 2012.

Christmas Tree by Bike
The New Yorker. 1942.


Michael S said...

At least one advantage of bad bike path clearance here in Berlin: We were able to transport our jule trae home by bike + sledge ;-)

Paul Martin said...

Merry Christmas, Mikael (& Felix!)

shuichi said...

Merry Christmas,Copenhagenize.com! from Japan.

Emma Matthew said...

Merry Chritmas..
I think Copenhagen is really trying very hard to avoid cars and motor bikes totally. And we must appreciate it, as they are reducing carbon and spreading go green Christmas. I am looking forward for this blog.

Vocus Dwabe said...

Moral dilemna for the environmentally concerned: to what degree is annual mass dendricide redeemed by using bicycles to dispose of the bodies? How does the CO2 emission saved on the one balance against the CO2 capture forfeited by the other?

(...But there we are: if God didn't mean us to cut down trees, why did he make them out of wood?)

Glad jul og godt nyttår, Mikael

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Finland. It's first Christmas I can try this too - with our new cargobike. Happy Christmas!

Stuart (Family Adventure Project) said...

Great. I love to see bicycles being used as utility vehicles. It's amazing what you can carry out them. What a nice seasonal post. Have a great Christmas.

Frits B said...

Same as in Amsterdam:
where fresh supplies are ferried in by boat:

(Thomas Schlijper documents everyday life in Amsterdam and other cities, and often shows remarkable traffic situations)

Anonymous said...

.................... nice ^_^v ................

thelittlesister said...

This reminds me of my Polish grandfather, who strapped the tree to his back and rode it home. He did this every year until his last Christmas. He was over ninety at that time.

Lauren said...

What do you do in Copenhagen when your tree is ready to leave your apartment? Just moved here and am wondering what to do with our lovely, though dead tree . . .