09 December 2010

Laguna Beach Wine Transport

One of our readers in Laguna Beach, California, Jack, sent us these photos of a bicycle he built up for his wife, who is Danish. We're loving the custom wine rack.

Why wine or beer racks are not standard on Danish bicycles we'll never know.

This is what we are reduced to:
Important Issues Facing Copenhageners
But at least that little holder thingy on the frame can be used for something, because it sure as hell can't hold a café latte. We like Jack's idea better.

Thanks for the photos, Jack.


Jocko said...

Hey! I desperately need one of those! Yesterday i brought a bottle of port with me to my friends place, but as it was already opened I had to tie it to the corner of the box that is fastened on my luggage carrier. One of those would be much more comfortable!

Dialogotomía said...

It's original and funny. Good idea.
From Madrid (Spain)

Superteemu said...

Pour the latte into a thermos mug that fits frame bottle cage. If you have two bottle cages, you can cram croissants in paper bag into another cage.

Kim said...

The Glaswegian can be seen here

Alexa said...

This is what I've got for my cup of tea to go. http://www.somafab.com/morningrush.html
I like that the ring snaps off, so it doesn't always sit there, looking funny. It won't hold a bottle of wine, but that's what I've got panniers for.

Silk Hope said...


Tusinde tak! For your blogg heads. Here is who made the rack for me. They do great work.




Mari Lynch said...

Thanks. This is perfect for wine-lovers like our
Velo Club Monterey Answer Man here in California's Central Coast wine country: http://marilynch.com/blog/wine-ding-your-way-along-monterey-countys-bikeways.html

Really appreciate Jack's connecting us with Portland's Signal Cycles, the maker.