30 December 2010

Modern Life

I'm in Calgary, Canada for Christmas so I haven't been updating of late.

How is everybody? Hope your holiday season was/is lovely.

I read something interesting the other day. Via Bill Bryson's book about Shakespeare I read about John Stow's mammoth work Survey of London.

In it he laments the development of modern life and how: "...the traffic in the city had grown impossible and that the young walked less than ever..."

The book was published in 1598.



Des said...

Can we expect a review of cycling conditions and culture in Calgary?

Anonymous said...

How was cycling in Calgary? It's a cowboy province over there ;)

shuichi said...

I heard that there were a beautiful park in Winnipeg. But it was a pity that many people seemed not to ride bicycles there.. Anyway, have a good New Year.

Anonymous said...

want to go for a ride with some of the local folk?... bloody cold tonight... -25 plus a little windchill. Currently -20 with windchill at -27.

If you are up for it go to bike calgary.org and request an account... you can ride my beater if you want too.

Ed said...

Do visit Bike Bike, a new shop with an optimistic view on what Calgary can become...

Anonymous said...

Filmed my ride home today in Calgary. -20. Not that bad. Not quite chic but its a semi upright with racks and stuff and a camera on the front.


KC the MoUsY spell-checker said...

"In it he laments the development of modern life and how: "...the traffic in the city had grown impossible and that the young walked..."

The book was published in 1598."

Did the word "traffic" have the same meaning in 1598 as it does now? ;)

Zweiradler said...

So do they say "Save a bike, ride a cowboy" over there? :)


mikey2gorgeous said...

Hi Mikael,
saw this the other day - reminded me of the 'you're safe to play' cartoon you posted....


林蘇 Lim Soo said...

In Hong Kong, we have just started with a baby step. People organize a public event to urge government to build a cycle path along HK island, the main city of HK.

Most people only take cycling as a leisure activity. People who ride everyday are the delivery boys. So it limits to certain group of people.

I have also started to commute by bike now. And have shared in my blog:
I am not a Brompton fanatic.
But why Brompton? First of all only foldable bike allowed to bring inside bus/train in HK. And, Brompton is small, compact, easy to move inside train station. I can put it on one side of escalator without disturbing others who are rushing to the train.

lagatta à montréal said...

Oh dear. Imagine it is bluidy cold as well (folks, the Prairies are just a BIT warmer than Siberia) unless you have the Chinook. I've never been to Calgary - been once to Edmonton, but flew in, interpreted at conference, flew out. Actually that perfectly describeds my knowledge of Copenhagen, though I'd actually love to return to Copenhagen, and cycle there.

Here in Montréal all the snow has melted, but today it was slightly below freezing, so one of my brakes almost failed. (the back one - the more important) almost failed due to the slightly sub-freezing temps. I am no daredevil, and wound up walking bicycle home. There is a bicycle shop on my way, and I would have asked them, but they were closed (they don't shut down in the winter, but they are open less regular hours).

I googled bicycle brakes winter, but all they had to say was to extol the superior performance of the disc brakes on certain new, high-performance bicycles. My Raleigh Sprite, Miep, is certainly a trusty steed, but she isn't either new or high-performance, no should she be.

Bicycle has been well-lubricated with WD-40, bicycle oil etc.

I want-to-ride-my-bicycle
I want-to-ride-my-bike!
I want-to-ride-my-bicycle
I want-to-ride-her-where-I like!

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Happy New Year, all. And Lim Soo, I'd love to have a Brompton, not because I'm a fanatic for any bicycle technology or configuration, but because it seems like one of the more "normal" folders.

Adam said...

lagatta à montréal, you have a little water in your rear brake cable housing. With the cable routing on a ladies frame that is pretty common (water runs down the exposed cable on the down tube, gets into the housing and settles at the lowest point). It would be a cheap fix, but a free short term solution would be to bring the bike in one night to where it is warm and leave leaned up in a corner standing on its front wheel with its rear wheel high in the air. Any frozen water should drip out of the elbow. Then grease up the cable on the down tube right where it enters the cable housing, to help prevent it from happening again. Use lube, NOT WD-40.

P.S. I just bought a Raleigh Sprite 2 days ago. So excited about restoring it.

lagatta à montréal said...

Thanks, Adam. It is just a bit below freezing here (balmy next to Calgary) and just a dusting of snow, so of course I want to ride my bicycle. But with brakes - I'm not into that brakeless "fixie" stuff!

By "lube", you mean bicycle oil? But will that penetrate the cable housing?

I'm looking forward to seeing your Sprite!

ZA said...

Now's the safest time to try bicycling in Calgary. Spring time is a risky prospect with hungry bears following the river down from the mountains...