03 December 2010

Mount Copenhagen and Danes in Space

The whole day at the TED x Copenhagen event was brilliant. Here are a couple of ideas worth spreading. Firstly... Mount Copenhagen. What started as a novel is now being considered in reality. The construction of a mountain just outside of Copenhagen.
Mount Copenhagen will be 3500 m high. It will have a circumference of 55 km, take 200 years to build, and cost in the area of $
Brilliant! See the talk for more.

Then there are the Danes in Space. Two amateurs are planning to send themselves into space in their own home-made rocket.

What fantastic inspiration. "It can't be done" is always the best reason to do it. These chaps heard that building a fully-functional submarine "couldn't be done" but now they've built a few of them. Here's a photo I took of one of them.


kfg said...

Why on Earth would anyone say you "can't" build a submarine? People have been building submarines for 150 years. I once drew up rough plans for a small sailboat that could ride out storms by pulling the mast and going submersible.

I didn't do it to prove it could be done; I did it because I knew it could, because there was nothing about it that hadn't been done before.

Artificial mountains have been done before as well. Piles of stone and dirt aren't particularly advanced technology.

The problem with the idea is that it's just plain goofy. Now THAT might be the reason to do it.

Ole Kassow said...

I really enjoyed your TED talk, Mikael, very refreshing, and our chat afterwards. The bit about the helmet is something I always find myself having to defend - and I'm pleased to find Copenhagenize a brilliant source of grand arguments :-)

Check the way conversations go here: http://13hjul.dk/2010/09/23/flyvende-start/