03 December 2010

Winter Cycling in Umeå, Sweden

Umeå (2)
A couple of great shots of winter cyclists in Umeå, Sweden. From Maxine F. on Flickr.
Umeå (4)

And where is this mystical place called Umeå?:

View Umeå and Oulu in a larger map
Northern Sweden. Not far from Oulu, Finland, which has 20% modal share for bicycles and the most extensive network of bicycle infrastructure in Finland:

Bicycle bridge in Oulu. Posed shot with helmet. Regular people in background without. :-)


Vladimir 'vudu' Zlokazov said...

Now that's more like it! Copenhagen is great but when you have half-meter of snow outside which isn't going to melt until April you really need some more 'hardcore' examples )) Thank you for posting!

ZA said...

So, how do you rate this 'bicycle airbag' fitting into Sweden's 'culture of fear'?


Peter said...

Umea was my first experience of the bicycle culture of Northern Europe and the inspiration for me to contribute to change in Melbourne. Its well set up for bike lanes and there are times you look around you there you will see more bikes than cars.
My girlfriend is from there and has just told me that the bike trail in the top photo is crossed at that point by a road and that the bikes alway have right of way at that intersection, a situation nonexistent here in Melbourne.
I asked her did she keep riding in the snow like that and she said "of course".

Tomas said...

Thanks for posting about norther spots. I think the most difficult weather for bicycling here in the north is the snow + temperature around +0c. The snow melts day time into slush and night time the slush turns into deathly ice. Couldn't drive my cargobike without studded tires front and rear.

Btw. I was in Oulu few days ago. Saw lot of bikers that didn't seem to care about the weather witch was pretty hardcore. It rained ice horizontally.

Mika said...

Biking in the winter time is Great! Sometimes frozen gears are causing issues, especially when it goes colder than -20...and believe me people in Oulu are still bicycling including myself! ;)
I have to give points for the city of Oulu that they are keeping the roads clean to support winter biking!

-Mika from Oulu, Finland