13 January 2011

Alpha Mail

Aerial Winter Bicycle 04 Postman
We have loads of posts here on Copenhagenize about the Royal Danish Post and their bicycles, as well as loads of photos on Flickr.

This is, however the first aerial shot. And in the snow and freezing cold no less. Impressive.


amoeba said...

And I thought you were a slow cycling fan, yet judging by the viewpoint that photo was taken from, it seems you must have been flying! ;)

Adam said...

By coincidence I was admiring a UK Royal Mail bike yesterday.


Soon to be phased out due to "health and safety concerns" and replaced with vans.


There are various theories around as to the real reason they're being scrapped. Apparently the health and safety excuse is just a cover.

kfg said...

Amoeba - If you've got a Gossamer Condor flying and slow cycling aren't necessarily mutually exclusive; although stall speed becomes a bigger issue.

Ben said...

great photo!

m e l i g r o s a said...

muy classy title. clever, ala MCA
love it ;)