06 January 2011

Artistic Parking Zones in the Netherlands

We've written about parking zones before. The City of Copenhagen has been testing painted zones in order to help people park a little less chaotic. It was tested in Amsterdam as well, and in both cities it seemed to work quite well.

My friend Michiel from the Dutch Fietsersbond (Cycling Union) sent me the above film about a Dutch artist, Roosmarijn Vergouw, who created sculptures of parked bicycles using only tape and, in the process, discovered that people will park in the zones when they're there. She calls it Fietsenzwermen - Bicycle Swarm (I'm guessing).

It's amazing to see how disciplined the cyclists became when there was tape on the ground.

Vergouw now has an idea to do a similar project using spotlights. The City of Amsterdam's Bicycle Office is interested in hearing more.

Here's a Dutch-language article about it in the Fietsersbond's magazine - opens as a .pdf.


Michael said...

That is an incredibly interesting study in the definition and use of space. Too bad I am not fluent in Dutch, I would really like to read the accompanying magazine article. Thanks for sharing.

Alexander said...

Particularly I think a very good idea, as well as enhancing the rider is an organization that puts a bigger and beauty aside, I believe a good initiative, congratulations for the post!

shuichi said...

Interesting! The artist did a good thing. I wish road staffs in Japan would do such a simple and smart way on the road(administration). Thank you for this video and post.