07 January 2011

Bordeaux Storms On

TV7 Bordeaux doubles sens cyclables 01/07/2010
Uploaded by c-rossignol. - News videos hot off the press.

I got the link to this news clip from Villes Cyclables, the French cycling NGO.

The city of Bordeaux is storming forward in the quest to reestablish the bicycle on the urban landscape. In conversations I've had with Clément Rossignol, the Vice-President of the Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux (CUB - the organisation of suburbs around the city centre) - who also features in the above French-language clip - the city centre is at about 10% modal share for bicycles.

Out of nowhere. It's incredible. The City and the CUB are certainly among those cities in the world who are working hardest at putting the bicycle back where it belongs - under les derrières of Citizen Cyclists.

Part of the success is separated infrastucture (duh!) but also the all-important 30 km/h zones and bike share programme.

Allez les Bordelaises!


Klaus Mohn said...

The Zone 30 contraflows are working well. So far (since July '08 in Paris) I've only had to punch out one SUV's rear-view mirror to alert the driver that he was trying to kill me. I think it's great that those things now cost hundreds of euros to get fixed because they've god blinkers and electric folding and warm-up thingies built in.

Joking aside, they are a really good thing, but now we need to suppress a lot of curbside parking to make them really safe and reclaim the streets for living human beings.

gone to guam! said...

On n'est plus hors la loi ! C'est bien, car je le faisais déjà... :-)
OUI aux "usages plus simples et plus faciles" et aux "chemins plus courts" comme il dit M. Rossignol.
J'adore les panneaux interdisant une tel action et puis on voit "SAUF vélos"... Gagné !
Que toutes les communes l'adoptent...

Thanks for the post. So heartening... I salute the Bordelaises as well! And, yes, even the Bordelais. :-)