20 January 2011

Cycling Sucks

Charming film made by a group of Dutch students! Love it.

Via @iamnotacyclist on Twitter.


amoeba said...

Mikael, thanks for this.

This video really underlines the utter stupidity of using cars when they are completely inappropriate. Which is of course true for quite a large proportion of journeys.

This video needs to be far more widely seen, because perhaps some people will be inspired to get out of their cars and ride a bicycle, without special clothes which is quick, convenient and fun.
Plus many more important reasons that are too involved and boring to go into here.

SiouxGeonz said...

I wonder what the converse parody would look like ... that flat tire... the frozen brake cables... the rusty chain...

Anonymous said...

Sioux, rusty chain doesn't make it not usable, and I have never heard of a frozen brake cable in my life.