22 January 2011

Early Road Rage - The Birth of Car Culture

A drawing from 1900. Road rage and motorists taking over the roads got an early start. Very a propos this recent post about the Fighting Traffic book.


behoovingmoving said...

A quote from Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto of 1909:
"Suddenly there were two cyclists disapproving of me and tottering in front of me like two persuasive but contradictory reasons. Their stupid swaying got in my way. What a bore! Pouah! I stopped short, and in disgust hurled myself — vlan! — head over heels in a ditch."
So the Futurist Manifesto, that has been said to have anticipated avant garde sensibilities in the decades that followed, starts with a driver raging at two feeble cyclists. A STILL we stand before progress!

Anonymous said...

Those early automobilists were almost as bad as those scorchers.
And scorchers were and ARE a part of bike culture.

Cyclists pissed off road users quite a bit. The difference now is that motorists have a sense of entitlement which is false.

An asshole on a bike is like an asshole in a car, just not as dangerous to others.