19 January 2011

Electric Elderly Boogie in Copenhagen

Elderly Chitchat
Vistors to Copenhagen always get a kick out of the numerous electric scooters that many elderly - or invalid - citizens buzz around on. They are a main feature on the bike lanes, rolling along quietly at modest speeds, providing the driver with a massively-increased mobility radius.

Granted, many elderly citizens continue to ride bicycles, but these subsidised, electric boogie machines are primarily for those with reduced mobility.

I love 'em. Most are virtually homes away from home, decorated and with baskets filled with personal effects, often with pets in the baskets or on laps.
Four Vehicles Heading For The City

Pimp his Ride Share

Elderly Transport Style 'Ears to Him

Cool Car by Harbour Electric Mobility
Here's a funky weather-proof make called Shopper.
Elderly Transport Elderly Transport in the Rain
But an umbrella makes you pretty weather-proof, too.
Overtaking City Hall Square
They don't take up much room and are easy to overtake. As well as providing the user with a nice place to sit and soak up the sun.
Electric Elderly Transport
Just like bicycles, you wear what you'd wear while walking.
Electric Busses
And while we're on Electric Avenue, there are new buses serving Copenhagen's city centre. Electric, of course.

Amsterdam Cycle Chic_14
Amsterdam is starting to see an increasing number of these weird cars showing up on the cycle tracks, too.