10 January 2011

International Bicycle Infrastructure: Guadalajara

Guadalajara Bike Lane
I found this on the International Transportation and Developement Policy's website. Fine and safe separated bicycle infrastructure in Guadalajara, Mexico.

If Guadalajara is doing it...

Our friend Johnathon from Bike Portland rode this track a while back. Read about it here.

Maybe we'll start posting examples of international bicycle infrastructure examples because that "it's just Copenhagen and Amsterdam" thang is getting kind of out of date.

While we're at it, here's a fine article from their website featuring Jan Gehl.

I'll be posting some experiences from China which relate to the ITDP in the near future.

I found the above photo in this article from City Fix about Symbolism in the Transit World


Adam said...

The "Bristol to Bath Railway Path" (UK). It's the jewel in Bristol's rusty crown.

Of course people from Bath would call it the "Bath to Bristol Railway path".

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

Great to hear about posting something about China in the future.

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

Something I wish to share:

Adrienne Johnson said...

Hurray!!! I went to school very near that spot in the early 90's!!! I would have loved to be able to ride a bike while I was there, the traffic was so bad. Hurray for Guadalajara!!!!!

hamburgize.com said...

I think that cycle track isn´t fine and it is not safe. That cycle track is to close to parking cars. Sorry, but cyclists could crash on it against opening car doors.