08 February 2011

Another Sign That Bikes Are Hot

Yellow Money
Internet nostalgia... remember those spam emails that flourished a while back (I'm sure they're still around) where the sender pretended to be the son/nephew/cousin of some African despot who had $10/$20/$30 million bucks in - as a rule - oil money but needed someone in the west to fence the money?

Bikes are the new oil. Bikes are hot. First it was the adult entertainment industry and now it's the scammer-rama crowd.

Check this out, recieved today at Larry vs Harry's inbox:

From: Collins Consults
Date: 8. feb 2011 12.14.49 CET
To: collins.abutu@yahoo.com

Dear sir,

The Federal Ministry of Youth & Sports Development,Nigeria,wants a capable supplier to handle the supply of 30,000(Thirty-thousand) units of Sport bike project.

Payment is 100% Telegraphic Transfer upon contract signing in advance before delivery.

Therefore if you are interested and capable of handling the contract ,contact us as soon as possible via email or telephone.


Collins Abutu
Collins Consulting.
#117 Clifford Road,Aba,

We're gonna be rich! Rich I say! HAHAHA! I'm going to Disneyland! It's easier than withdrawing money from an ATM!