05 February 2011

Bicycle Cops Booking Motorists

Bicycle Cops Booking Motorists
Saw this yesterday on my way to a meeting at 1508. Four cops were pulling over cars. Two cops in a squad car and two bicycle cops. Couldn't figure out why, but hey. Nice symbolism.
Field Day
Like this shot from last year. Here's the story about it.

Ticketed Outside School
And this one outside my son's school. Here's the story about it.
Paris Bike Cops Give Car Ticket
And here are some bicycle cops in Paris doing the same thing.

The police in Melbourne, however, attend to much more important matters.


Paul Martin said...

The bicycle cops here in Brisbane, Australia are no different to the Melbourne ones:
Here is an audio clip of my run in with them last year...

Sadly they seem to concentrate on all the terrible crime going on on bikeways & footpaths (bugger all) and don't want to be seen harassing poor motorists. I don't know why they don't because these guys are the epitome of vehicular cyclists.

Simon Nurse said...

Ooh. The irony. Love it. There's a hill close to where I live where it's possible for a bike to catch a speeding car, courtesy of the incline. Now THAT would be fun.