19 February 2011

Outside My Window

I'd forgotten about this little artsy-fartsy film I made three years ago.
Time for a re-post on this lazy Saturday. 30 minutes outside my flat window.


shuichi said...

I saw a mama bicycle on the film^^. I didn't count the numbers of people who went through, but many people did. I read your entry which mentioned that " I have think carefully about bicycles every day for three years" ( Sorry, maybe such expressions were written ). So this short film might be your earlier works about bicycles. Anyway, than you.

beachbody team said...

Hmm... perhaps I can make people watching a hobby too. But I want to do it in a crowded place to make it more exciting. The passing people makes your flat seem so lonely.

NikitaG said...

Hi, Everybody!
Check it out!
There is my short video about bicycles in Denmark.