14 February 2011

Simple Bicycle-Friendliness


It's often in the details. If you're cycling down the street in the background (which is my back street) you're going to do one of two things when you get to the end. If you're turning right, it's easy. You turn onto the cycle track and continue on.

If, however, you want to turn left you have to get across the street to the cycle track in the foreground. The City of Frederiksberg made it easier for by claiming half a car parking spot for the purpose of creating a passageway between the parked cars.

A few painted lines and a pictogram.

Bikes Here
Here's another example just around the corner.


Pierre-Luc Auclair said...

Is there signage or ground marking to inform the cycling beforehand ? It seems rather easy to miss when cycling considering it's a small space between cars ?

bikefish said...

I take delight at every indication however minor that bicycles are being taken into consideration - a detour sign with a bike symbol when a bike route is interrupted; a sign by a lone bike rack at the Portland Convention Center directing cyclists to additional parking in the parking garage.

Kim said...

Sadly, here in the UK, such things just don't happen because some of those who drive cars don't respect others. Maybe it is just because Denmark is a more egalitarian country and people have more respect for one another.

Sirius7dk said...

When I first saw those pictures, my reaction was that it was yet another example of a full lenght British cycle path, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the real meaning of the fascilities.

Rasmus Jensen