23 March 2011

Berlin - Metromobile - VeloBerlin

Berlin Interlude
I'm going to Berlin tomorrow to give a keynote speech at the VeloBerlin bike fair - more specifically, the Metromobile conference on Friday.

Looking forward to returning to Berlin - a city that I've visited often and that holds a special place in my heart.

Question for Berliners... where's a good place to catch some photographs of Citizen Cyclists in the city? Mitte, Prenzlauerberg, oder?

I'm staying on Ku'damm. Any action in that area? Thanks in advance for any help.


Anonymous said...

see hermannplatz (kreuzberg) for crazy traffic cycling and the old airport in tempelhof for cycling on the runways

bikebloggerberlin said...

Just do it, where you like to...
But bicycling on Ku'damm isn't really fun, so don`t expect to see many bikes there.
Go to Prenzlauer Berg, there you'll see many young people riding bikes, some hip, some alternative, some whatever... Go to Weißensee, there you can find older people riding their old and heavy stuff - and at the former Rennbahn you can see Bike Polo Players playing.
I'm curious about your speech on Friday, so welcome to Berlin!

Mikael said...


Edward said...

Schöneberg is not far from Ku'damm. You should see quite a few citizen cyclists around there. Go when the Winterfeldplatz market is open.

Andrea - Eroica said...

You should try around Weinmeister str. (U Bahn station on the U8), or maybe Kastanienalle in Prenzlauer berg... In case you will be in town on Sunday pay a visit to Mauerpark too! And of course a visit to the old airport of Tempelhof will be worth! But probably everywhere is gonna be just good.
Anyway, I hope to have the chance to meet you at the Velo Berlin Expo on Saturday or Sunday and tell you more about biking in Berlin, you'll find me, helping out at the Giovanni Pelizzoli's stand!

Cheers, Andrea - from eroicacicli.com

shuichi said...

Eh, you will do a good job tomorrow. Hang in there. I wish I could introduce a good place to take nice pics.^^

Klaus Mohn said...

Staying out west on the Ku'damm? My condolences... Berlin is such a fun city, but not there.
I like the cycling action on the edge of Mitte and P'berg, around Rosenthaler Platz and the beginning of Schönhauser Allée at the corner with Torstrasse.
Maybe down in Kreuzberg/Treptow too, just east of Schlesisches Tor, along the canal (less dense, but cool).

doviende said...

For lots of bikes, and also some good photo opportunities, try the two bridges between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, in the area of S/U Warschauer Straße.

There's a beautiful bridge over the Spree towards Schesisches Tor, and then the other bridge slightly east from there goes to Treptower Park (and that's where the big statue thing is, of two people with lots of holes in them).

Anonymous said...

Airfield Tempelhof.


Klaus Mohn said...

i'll say this: riding along the airfield on Columbiadamm is really really awesome.