07 March 2011

Bicycle Pump and Public Workshop

Fredericia Pump and Repair
Spotted in the Danish town of Fredericia. A bicyle pump and a DIY repair workshop with tools. For use by the public. Great bicycle symbolism on the urban landscape.

Fredericia Hill
Oh and while we're at it... that old myth about Denmark being flat... you're confusing us with the Netherlands. Copenhagen, certainly, is nice and even with only a few hills but farther west you'll find some decent topography. Like in Fredericia. Citizen Cyclists crawl up this hill on bicycles like they've done for 125 years. Oh, and coast happily down, too, of course.

In fact, in the Danish national anthem, the hills and valleys are praised. A friend of mine, Tom, went on a cycle holiday in northern Jutland and the hills surprised the hell out of him...

Denmark's second city, Aarhus, is pretty similar to most of Portland or Seattle. And yet they have over 25% modal share for bicycles.


amoeba said...

I look forward to a feature similar to this becoming:
a) Installed in the UK.
b) Commonplace.
But I'm not holding my breath.

One day the UK will be dragged screaming into the 21st Century and embracing cycling as the urban transport mode of the future.

shuichi said...

It is still snowy ,right? I remember your family story written here before, from "Fredericia". Anyway, there are some free air compressors for bicycles in Kyoto.^^

bikefish said...

Copenhagen is also 10 degrees farther north than Portland, 8 farther north than Seattle. Which means less light in winter and more cold. In other words, we have no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Where can American cities buy such stations???