31 March 2011

Bicycle Pump at Copenhagen Airport

There was a tweet today from a gentleman named Ben Hammersley on Twitter:
The bicycle pump in Copenhagen airport's baggage hall is an epic sign of civilization. Cheers me up every time.

So here's a photo we found of it via azubcz on Picasa. It's one of those details in Copenhagen's bicycle culture that we just haven't gotten around to featuring. So here's the perfect opportunity.

Used for bicycles, of course, but many prams have chunky tires as well and I've used it when arriving home with a pram, to top up the air for the journey home on the Metro.

It's all in the details.


jarvinho said...

Clearly, the photographer missed the "no photography" sign next to the pump.

Mikael said...

well spotted! but documenting bicycle culture is a noble cause. no judge would dare convict him.

Kim said...

Not really stylish though, what they really need is one of these from Cyclehoop.

Isabelle said...

Has anybody know who is the manufacturer of this pump?

thanks for your answer.