10 March 2011

Bike Seat Rain Covers

People for Bicycles, Malmö
Luca from Flickr took this shot of bicycle seat covers in Malmö, Sweden. They are free covers provided, in this case, by the City of Malmö. The messaging is simple. It reads:

Those of you who cycle contribute to a better environment in the city. We thank you for that!"

How great is that? We see the same positive messaging here in Copenhagen, like with the Hi, Cyclist! communications template as seen around the city, not least on the cyclist railing and footrests.

If anyone is interested in getting bike seat rain covers produced for campaigns by municipalities, organisations or companies, Copenhagenize Consulting can help you out. Check out our website.

Here is a collection of other bike seat rain covers spotted on the streets of Copenhagen. Classic example of how to advertise in a mainstream bicycle culture.
Advertising in a Bike Culture Always Dry Ass Uni Danish Details Sit on My Blur And Tell Me That you Love Me Big Arse Organic Hearts and Tattoos Bike Seat Covers For Sale Sikker Skolevej Bicycle Seat Cover Pink Seat Covers Rain Cover


l' homme au velo said...

It is a great idea and warmly Welcomed by all Cyclists whose Saddles were often wet when they came to ride Home on their Bikes.

This Placing of Seat covers on Bikes is only starting to get used in Dublin unfortunately, and it is very rare that it happens.It is usually a Beer Company or a Radio Station that gives them out.

NIKDOW said...

I keep a plastic bag and a rubber band in my pannier. Not sure what that is advertising.

Green Idea Factory said...

A dry bottom is nice but are these recyclable? Re-usable, sure, but how many does one need or can give to friends?

Alexandre à Montréal said...

Some saddles are more pleasant than others in rainy days. I avoid glossy/shiny saddles (if I can), as water drops tend to adhere to their surface. Rougher finishes are better, the drops spread and evaporate faster.

I find the idea interesting too, it sure beats the plastic grocery bag, and a lot better than finding an advertisement for a rental car business attached to the frame. (Can't find the picture right now, it was for the Deutsche Bahn's carshare scheme. I felt rather insulted).

Green Idea Factory said...

@Montréal: Carshare and cycling are friends!!

Cédric said...

Oh Great !
Here is mine ;-) http://cedric.westorereims.free.fr/Blog/IMG_0115.jpg
Gift bought in Berlin by my Love, used in Paris with Vélib'. I'll (maybe) use it in Copenhagen next week :-)

shuichi said...

I've ever seen the orange covers in Sweden on internet. As for Japan, mama chari riders sometimes cover their seats but those covers are not colorful and cool. They are almost of supermarket bag.^^ Very practical.^^

wuppidoc said...

I just use my sleeve to dry it, but the orange covers plus text are a nice idea.