30 March 2011

Classic Copenhagen

Father and child
This is beautiful. Sandra from the Classic Copenhagen blog uploaded this to Flickr today. A father and child holding hands (or fingers) at a red light. On a bicycle, of course.

Cargo mover
And then she posted this one. Cargo Mover. As she writes on her Flickr page, "And no one raises an eyebrow. That's Copenhagen for you."

Indeed, the only people noticing it would be checking to see how the guy tied it onto the bike - for future reference - rather than thinking "wow! how wild!"


Anonymous said...

Who say you can't move a sofa without a car... Great stuff!!

mk said...

I'm not familiar with the design of cargo bikes. Could someone please explain to me, how does this guy steer his bike?

juffles said...

mk - the cargo section (and the front wheels) rotates around a pivot point between the two wheels.

You can see the handlebar under the right-hand feet of the couch, but in this case I'd presume he's steering with the couch. :)

bikefish said...

much as I try to imagine it, I don't think I could get a couch up the 20% grade to my house on a bike... Groceries, yes.

mk said...


Thank you, now it's all clear to me. I sensed that in this case the couch is somehow crucial. :D

Mikael said...

haha.. didn't notice that. of course he's steering with the sofa... that's brilliant.