05 April 2011

BMX Bandits Take Over Copenhagen

Here's a film from the Copenhagen Tourist Bureau featuring a flock of BMXers taking over the city centre. This is a big sports cycling year in Copenhagen. There are the World Road Championships in September, but preceding that is the UCI BMX World Championships from June 27-31, 2011. This film is an advert for that.


Will said...

I love how the people in town stop and look at the bikes with a bit of confusion and a bit of interest. Normally bicycles are just part of the scene, but when something's a little different everyone takes notice. Their reaction to the BMX bikes reminds me of a lot of reactions I get riding around where I live on my Fryslân!

Green Idea Factory said...

Um. They don't do anything. Except for a couple of people at the front. They climb up those stairs. Bunch of actors. Lame.

Simon E said...

G.I.F. I think you missed the point of the promo.

I like it (and I've never been into BMX). It looks inviting, not elitist, like I could just tag along. And I like the term 'flock'.