07 April 2011

Cargo Bike Stuff

Logic and Co
Here in Cargo Bike land you don't see this type of cargo bike very often. But it's great when you do. It's for a building company called Logik & Co. - Logic & Co. - which applies perfectly to use cargo bicycles in cities.

Old School
I got excited seeing this old school cargo bike that used to rule the streets of the city back in the day. So excited I couldn't get a proper shot of it.
Copenhagen Bike Messengers on City Hall Square
Here's one from 'back in the day'.

And here's Lulu outside a hardware store next to the Bullitt and some other cargo bike customers.


Alisdair said...

Nice to see them. Finally they are becoming more popular where I live, although there's not always the best space for bikes.

Here's a disappointing article in today's paper. A paper which I don't think is worth reading.


Good to see you are proud of them.

portlandize.com said...

There's a company in Portland called B-Line Delivery that uses bikes kind of like that first one, with electric assist motors (when needed) to deliver goods within Portland. So, a company will truck in product and drop it at their warehouse, and it is then distributed by bicycle. Of course, in some cases they're also delivering things which were produced in Portland (bread, coffee, beer, etc) - so no trucks involved.

Green Idea Factory said...

For its light cargo bike, Baisikeli (of Copenhagen) copied the Workcycles Fr8. See more here.

(I helped Workcycles with research in this matter).

There are Danish bike manufacturers with good reputations (my favourite is the Nihola and I like the Bullitt, too), so it is strange that Baisikeli would try to pull this off, thus lowering the bar for trust in a great cycling country. (At the same event at the last link Mikael gave a great talk about helmets, which was also related to trust and honesty).

Passeio Completo said...

Great hair styles on the dapper gents in the old picture!!!

shuichi said...

Wow, the cargo bike is the largest which I have seen before. We often see cargo bike being used by some transport companies in Japan. Please refer to the link for them; http://mamabicycle.blogspot.com/2011/02/eco-drivers-sagawa-express.html. But I want to know why cargo for child is more preferable ....

LGV said...

Here in Cambodia, it's mostly "old style" cargos... And everybody has a bike (quite)
Bike power around the world !