26 April 2011

Dig This

Archeology and Bicycles
I end up riding behind these two chaps on my way to the Copenhagenize Consulting offices in the mornings. The new Metro line is underway and the first phase - like in any many cities with a long history - involves archeologists and historians from the Copenhagen Museum.

You can't stick spade into the ground without hitting history so archeologists are on the front lines when excavation begins.

The two chaps in the photos ride through town with their gear, heading for the dig, on two of the Copenhagen Museum's fleet of short john bikes.

Old Bomb Shelter under City Hall Square
Spotted this the other day. A WW2 bomb shelter under City Hall Square. Not exactly old, of course, but still interesting to see it dug up. The text reads; "Abuse (of the facility) will be punished according to the law."


Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and have come across the term "short john bike" several times already. Tried to look it up on Wikipedia, but it isn't there yet.
Maybe Copenhagenize could write it; could always link it back to your site for some pictures; that way you get a link out of it.
And I get to find out what a short john bike is.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the usual slurs - I see 2x high-viz outfits and one helmet!

Kim said...

If only all highway engineers and surveyors were like this!

William said...

Anonymous, googling "short John" returns plenty of images.

Peter said...


Here's a website explaning different types of Danish bikes, including both Short John and Long John bikes with pictures: