02 April 2011

Monument to a Dying Culture?

Berlin Monument
I spotted this monument/artwork/statue/thing in Berlin, in the middle of a roundabout at the far end of Kurfürstendamm.

Impressive stuff. Is it the tint of my 'liveable cities' glasses that gives me the impression that it's not exactly a postive monument to car culture?

If any Berliners know the story, please let us know.


tstreet said...

Encased in concrete just like the Japanese nuclear plants will soon be. A fitting death for the auto since it thrives on concrete. The auto is the primary reason are planet is dying. Kill it first.

jens said...

The sculpture is called "Concrete Cadillacs" by Wolf Vostell.



shuichi said...

Curious, if the creator was an artist. I can also see "ECO", behind the concrete. Thank you.

behoovingmoving said...

Have a quick look at "Highway 86" by Site Architects :) This firm was one of the first to bring pop art to architecture, and they love automobile ironies