28 April 2011


Bicycle Postcard 01
A friend has a photo book of "Naughty Vintage Danish Postcards". Most are from the late 1800's/early 1900's.
Loads of rubenesque ladies in sultry positions and then there were these. Bicycle Naughtiness. So risqué. :-) Probably NSFW in some countries... watch out.
Bicycle Postcard 02

Bicycle Postcard 03


Jim Davis said...
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Jim Davis said...

How DARE you publish such filth :-) The bicycle doesn't even have a dress guard and looks far too racy.

It is quite clear that pedestrians need more robust helmets - in the third postcard, the policeman's helmet has quite clearly fallen on to the path.
Also, looking at the second photograph, they should consider a 'box' worn by cricketers.

amoeba said...

I suspect that were we fully aware of the symbolism, we might well be surprised.