29 April 2011

Sexing Up Your Weekend

Bicycle Postcard 04
It's Friday. It's springtime. The sun is shinging over Copenhagen and injecting us with upwards of 100,000 Lux. We thought it proper and right to sex up the weekend with another installment from the "Naughty Vintage Danish Postcards" collection from the late 1800's/early 1900's. See the previous post for more filth.

So here you have it. Racy racing with a spot of stunt. Check out that shockingly positioned leg on the tete de la course.

Copenhagenize - Sexing Up Your Internet depuis 2007. Now get thee to a nunnery.

Have a good weekend.

Start useless trivia: When Shakespeare wrote about getting theeself to a nunnery, he meant a brothel. Nunnery being slang for brothel back in the day. Innit.


shuichi said...

Hello. It was a fine holiday yesterday in Japan. So I went to a cycle trip with my daughters. Well, have a nice weekend although I can't understand the meaning of the nunnery well...

Kiwehtin said...

I've never managed to figure out in my head how people got up on those things and back off. They seem terribly awkward to me.


A "nunnery" is an unusual word for a convent, where nuns live. "Get thee to a nunnery" comes form Shakespeare's Hamlet. Hamlet is telling Ophelia she should go and join a convent/nunnery so she can have no children. This is because Hamlet is angry about his mother, who married his uncle.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in this case nunnery clearly means convent, not brothel. I'm not sure how you could mistake the literal meaning for the slang meaning, given the context of the scene. Useless trivia indeed. =)