17 May 2011

Bicycle Magnets

Copenhagen 1 Bike
It's no secret that bicycles possess magnetic properties. I often play a little game like in these three photos from last weekend. Parking my bicycle in an unorthodox spot and watching it attract other bicycles. Small bicycle anthropology field studies.

Last Friday I was out with a friend and we ended up - as we usually do - at a cool, tiny bar called Riesen. It was still early... about 1 AM. By chance there was a gap in the car parking on this side street and with a lack of space along the buildings, I happily parked my bicycle right there.

Copenhagen 2 Bikes
Twenty minutes later, another bicycle appeared.

Copenhagen 5 Bikes
After 2 AM the bars start getting busy. An hour later, when we left to go to another bar, this is how it looked. Five bicycles taking up the same space as one car. With space left over for more.

The concept is, of course, well known. Copenhagen's parking zones are a prime example, as is this art project in the Netherlands.


shuichi said...


Norseman-Niszen said...

Is it a new trend in Copenhagen bike culture to park your cycle in the street and not on the sidewalk?
In 2010 you didn't see this in Jaegersborggade.

The two Christianias belong to the shops there. They are always parked like this, as shop signs, when not in use for delivery.
It is Onigiri and The Coffee Collective.

PaddyAnne said...

Excellent Experiment!

slow rpm said...

Funny.Same things happens at the beach.I find a nice little break all by myself,and 15 minutes later,there's another 10 surfers all fighting over the same little waves.Must be the pack instinct cutting in.

behoovingmoving said...

Hats off. That is incredibly cool. I can't wait to get home and take armadas of friends out on bikes to cafe strips where car parking is scarce. We'll casually take a spare spot and hang out, and watch people go nuts.

Llewster said...

We had something like this in Sydney for the Bike Film Festival. There isn't much room for bicycle parking near the theater - but out the front there was paid car parking on the street. So we put our bikes together and paid for it. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=461335781313&set=a.160489606313.128609.97309896313&type=1&theater

elaine! said...

That's awesome! But I can't help worrying about all of them getting stolen.