06 May 2011

Early Cargo Bike Learning in Copenhagen

Lulu Cargo
Cargo bike culture starts early in Copenhagen. With 25% of families with two or more kids using a cargo bike to get around, it's a part of life for children in so many ways to be well-acquainted with cargo bikes. The municipality of Copenhagen estimatest that there are around 30,000 cargo bikes in Copenhagen. Copenhagenize Consulting has reached a number of 40,000, based on sales numbers and including vintage cargo bikes, in Greater Copenhagen.

That number, however, doesn't count the armadas of mini cargo bikes found at schools and kindergartens and in the backyards of flats around the region. I've just moved to a new place and we found the cargo bike, above, in the backyard. For communal use. Lulu-Sophia has taken a liking to it and gravitates to it like magnet whenever we're out playing.
Cargo Lulu
Here's an even mini'er version at her kindergarten for the two to four year olds.
Cargo Kids of Mine
Here's another version in our new backyard. Perfect for pint-sized, sociable urban mobility. Big brother Felix loves giving Lulu-Sophia a ride.
Early Cargo Bike Culture
In the playground at Felix's school there are many bikes for kids to play on. Here's Lulu-Sophia showing off a couple of them, above and below.
Early Cargo Bike Culture
A bit too big for her, this one, but it's intended for older kids. Most of them feature a passenger seat. Because Citizen Cyclists - whatever their age - like cycling sociably.
Cargo Bike Training
Much like this, at the school. And these are just the tip of the iceberg regarding design and variety.

Lulu Rides 2
This trike, with the back bucket, is a Danish classic. Winther Bikes have been making them for 50 years and they are rather iconic in this country. The bucket at the back serves a practical purpose, of course. Carrying stuff. Which is what cargo bikes are all about.


shuichi said...

How adorable! My younger daughter like to ride her tricycle very much. Thank you.

BG said...

Brilliant! I've never seen those before.

Loving the Bike said...

Those are some awesome cargo bikes. Thanks for putting them all together. I'd love to get a big size cargo for me, and one for my baby boy.


(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Love seing little ones peddaling around. Thanks for the pics!

greggy said...

Hi, The trikes with a rear load area were very popular in Australia for children in the 1950s and 1960s! Some even had a tipper function! Also childrens trike tandems were everywhere then! when people had Large families and children had syblings to cart around! But this was a time when people used to let their children play outdoors, and exercise was thought to be something you got from everyday life and not from a gym!

sharpe said...

Beautiful, this is what I rant about. The beauty of living in a city like Copenhagen, really improves ones quality of life.

I wrote a post about this:


In the Christiania Bike workshop they have some very old-school bikes hanging from the ceiling. Worth the visit.