26 May 2011

Pleasing Everyone At Once

Here's a poster promoting cycling in New York for www.bikemonthnyc.com. My friend Kelly sent it to me and I think I'll let him do all the talking:

Thought you might like this poster - if only for the socio-political landmine it tiptoes through.

We have:

- bikes prominently featured (Ride a bike message: check)
- the older gent, middle-age woman, younger woman (Target age groups: check)
- race/gender diversity (Diversity advocates: check)
- gent with his helmet (Helmet advocates: check)
- ladies not wearing helmets (anti-helmet advocates: check)
- all walking their bikes on sidewalks (ride safely advocates: check; bonus points for appeasing both helmet and anti-helmet camp at the same time)
- speed of bike transport highlighted (urban transportation advocates: check)
- outer borough (Brooklyn) featured (hipsters: check)

The only thing missing is someone actually riding a bike. But I suppose that's to be inferred.

It's for Bike Month NYC, but if you're planning on riding on June 1st and beyond, remember to sign up for Bike Century.


bikefish said...

much better than pissing off everyone at once! and much more rare, as well!

Martin said...


But honestly: at first sight, it looked to me like an advertising from the 1980ies... ??!!

wheel balancing said...

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Anonymous said...

ummm... Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is actually a really loaded poster. Bed-Stuy is a longstanding African American neighborhood, as was Fort Greene. While Bed Stuy is still predominantly African-American Fort Greene is uber-gentrififed and Bed-Stuy getting whiter by the day. In this ad the whities are the focus, not the African-American woman to their left. Whatever your stance, or lack thereof, on gentrification, it displaces people of color and this ad could be read as glorifying that. Not so pleasing to everyone...

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