21 May 2011

Politicians and Bicycles in Denmark

Politicians Bikes
National election fever is rising in Denmark with loads of speculation about when the election will be called. Campaigning has already begun. On my way to the CycleLogistics conference a couple of days ago Kamal Qureshi from the Socialist People's Party was at a red light near City Hall Square. When each flock of cyclists stopped for red, he walked through and handed out leaflets.

On a newspaper earlier in the week the leader of the Danish Social-Liberal Party, Margrete Vestager, was featured in an article. "Vestager Goes Home Without an Agreement". Featured on her bicycle outside the parliament.
The man on this photo isn't a politician but he's married to one - Henriette Kjær. He was sentenced to three years in jail for fraud - his actions forced his wife to resign - and the headline reads: "Sentenced to three years in jail... Here is Erik running away..."

On bicycle of course. I don't know what the story is about - and am not interested - but of course he took off on a bicycle.


Ryan said...

We in Canada had our federal election earlier in the month...

Of course we gave a majority to the Conservatives who probably wouldn't know a bicycle if they ran one over, which I'm sure has happened.

The somewhat bright spot is the socialist NDP for the first time are the official opposition (though I tend not to support them because provincially the NDP seems to be the party for helmet laws).

Their leader (Jack Layton) is known to ride a bike, although he recently had hip surgery and is still recovering from cancer, so I suspect he won't be on one in a while.

His son was recently elected to Toronto city council and he appears to be Toronto's last hope for cyclists in a pro-car city hall.

Kim said...

Here in the UK we had politicians who like to have photos of themselves riding bicycles in the press before the election. This was done to show that they were just "ordinary" people. Oddly having been elected and formed a Government they have all stopped riding their bicycles (preferring to now ride in the same car as their briefcase). Added to which they have also slashed all cycle friendly policies and increased subsidies to motorist. Just is the nature of politicians.

shuichi said...

The politician seems to have a bad image.
In Japan, there are a few politicians who ride their bicycles during their campaigns. One is a pretender of an ordinary people although he or she may be an ordinary one. Second he or she may be an athlete, for example, Mr Tanigaki, the representative of the Liberal Domestic Party in Japan is a semi-athlete of bike. Surprisingly, He is also the chairman of the Japan Cycling Association. Here is the link for it;http://www.j-cycling.org/news/090904.html

Personally, I don't think showing of a bike riding can represent the image of green in Japan because many people are always pedaling every day...

Richard said...


You should really do just a bit of research before making such comments.

The new federal Minister of Transport is a cyclist and even got a headline saying that
Cycling Conservative rides to a landslide victory

But after a hard campaign, he also wants some exercise. "You will see me on my bike tomorrow," he said.

Now, he and the Conservatives need to step up to the plate and improve cycling in Canada.

Joe said...

I used to read with envy articles like this one, where Danish polititians cycle everywhere.

Now, after the brutal police repression of last Earth's summit in Copenhaguen, and the recent unilateral re-activation of borders (and their pact with the extreme-right party that led to this), I'm not envy any more.

Maybe it's not so bad to have polluting polititians driving everywhere as long as they don't see foreigners as potential criminals like Danish polititians seem to think.