06 May 2011

Spring Cleaning in Copenhagen

Photo: Jens Dresling from Politiken.

Spring cleaning in Copenhagen. Yet another harvest of bicycles are brought to the surface in Frederiksholm's Canal.

Check out the photo series on Politiken's website.


Alexa said...

In the parliament building in the Hague, they have (had?) an installation/sculpture of stuff they dragged out of the water in front of the building. At the top was a bicycle.

Around here (Boston, MA, USA), it's shopping carts as opposed to bicycles in the rivers and canals.

dfwm said...

What happens to the bikes next? Refurbished? Auctioned? Sent to needy countries such as the USA?

Bigger Dummy said...

Catch & release?

Sirius7dk said...

The picture series say that the "bicycles and other rubbish" will be destroyed when they have finished clearing the canals.

Rasmus Jensen

kfg said...

When I grow up I want to be a little old man living in a little old bike shed bringing these bikes back to usability.

Better yet people should toss the bikes into my shed yard rather than the canal; that would make the work a lot easier.

Kiss said...

Why the hell there are bikes in the canals? What happened? The wind?